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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing machinery for metallic tubes and pipes
  • 01.01  Lines for the production of the starting material
  • 01.01.01  Continuous casting lines

Our products

Product category: Continuous casting lines


The UPCAST®-SGTube line supplies thin-walled copper tube with a grain structure enabling the cast tube to be directly worked down with tube drawing machines.
As the cast tube is already rather close to final product sizes, UPCAST®-SGTube allows you to bypass several sort costly steps required in current tube mills.

The choice of the cast tube size depends – among other things – on the size of the final tube product.

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Product category: Continuous casting lines


The majority of UPCAST® lines produce rod – both Cu-OF and alloys. Most commonly the cast rod diameter is 8mm which is the industry standard for wire and cable. Bigger diameters are cast for manufacturing a variety of products e.g. bus-bars, trolley wires, electroplating anodes etc.

UPCAST®-produced oxygen-free copper is single-phase material with a mere 1-2ppm oxygen in it. The UPCAST® process delivers the cast product directly at its final size without any hot rolling involved. This eliminates the possibility of rolling-induced inclusions and minimizes the thickness of the surface oxide layer. These factors give UPCAST® oxygen free copper rod superior ductility in addition to its excellent electrical conductivity.

UPCAST® copper rod is well-suited for all electrical applications and has become the preferred feedstock especially for fine and multi-wire drawing, where ductility requirements are most demanding and enamel wire production, where surface finish is of utmost importance.

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Product category: Continuous casting lines


UPCAST® technology in itself has always been an environmentally friendly process. Just electricity, compressed air and cooling water are needed to keep the process running. No harmful emissions are released to the surroundings. The fact that UPCAST® technology is based on fundamentally green principles does not, however, mean that it couldn’t be any greener.

As the direct environmental effects of UPCAST® technology are practically nil, our focus has been on the indirect ones, especially energy consumption. In addition, energy consumption is also very much a financial issue.

Innovations with this double benefit have been labeled as GREENerCAST technology which include e.g.:

  • double loop inductors
  • furnace linings with reduced heat losses (both traditional bricks and precast modules available)
  • stepless power control with fast switching transistors

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About us

Company details

UPCAST® continuous casting technology since 1968 Supplier of the original UPCAST® technology offering a wide range of high quality continuous casting lines for copper, copper alloy and other non-ferrous metal rod and tube production, also designed for 100% recycled material. UPCAST® - first in upcasting

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