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Eyan Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

No. 5, Jingke 7th Rd., Nantun Dist., 40852 Taichung City
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Product categories

  • 03  Tools, auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacturing and processing of metallic tubes and pipes
  • 03.01  Tools
  • 03.01.05  Saw blades

Our products

Product category: Saw blades

CNC Circular Saw blade Sharpening Machine (EMA-500 3A)

EMA 3A series Circular Saw blade Sharpening Machines are CNC Circular saw blade sharpening machines with three axes servo control.

It has fully automatic operations for saw blade outer diameter, number of teeth, sharpening amounts, cutting angles and back clearance angles.

Humanized two hand wheels make sharpen teeth easy to operate.

The full range of machines use cast iron base to strengthen the machine’s rigidity and reduce resonance.

With quick saw blade locking nut, it is easy and convenient to lock saw blade with one wrench.

The fully-enclosed splash guard is standard equipment which uses SU304 stainless steel for inner cover. The guard prevents dust pollution during wet sharpening, reduces noise, and provides an excellent working environment.

The new designed and special window provides widen vision and it is easy to see the grinded object.

Oil mist filter, iron filings filter and cooling high-pressure pump are the standard accessories.

The newly designed touch screen with patent graphical display makes no language barriers. Any language speakers can learn quickly.

Adding F & ECO type of teeth for friction saw blade grinding.

EMA models are the best choice for your working requirement.

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Product category: Saw blades

Friction Saw Blade Sharpening Machine (SU-650)

Friction saw blade grinders help you easily operate the machine by using the vertical grinding method.

After years of research and development, a professional-level friction type saw blade grinding machine was designed. Its advantages includes the adjustment rod arrangement, the reasonable arrangement of rod makes the operator to easily adjust the tooth cutting angle, the backlash angle, tooth depth and tooth pitch. Furthermore, the thickness adjustment of saw blade, which obtained patent in many countries, that the blade was hold by two moving devices at the same time and move to the central of the machine for grinding; thus, there is no requirement to manually adjust the thickness of the blade. And it also can reduce the grinding noise.

Friction saw blade grinding machine is differing from other grinders; it has a Continuously Variable Speed Drilling function. By using the converter to control the grinding speed, it can adjust the required grinding speed according to the tooth pitch difference.

Friction saw blade grinding machine uses computer to simulate and design the industrial-class professional tooth profile cam in order to make the grinding simpler, faster and more accurate.

Friction saw blade grinding machine adapts spheroid graphite ductile iron (FCD-45) and with the temper treatment to ensure accuracy and increase the wear resistance. The saw blade grinder SKD11 is mainly made in high-carbon steel, it has been heat-treated and grinded. Besides, its pushing arm spring has been improved by using the rotary spring, so that flexibility fatigue rarely happens and ensures the accurate feed.

Saw blade feeding support base is made of high-strength alloy of copper material, buried in the solid lubricant that is made by high technology; its high-load and high wear-resistant characteristics achieve the performance  no oil supply requirement. The axis of the feed shaft is £r30mm, and also has been heat treated and grinded.

Combines the characteristics above, there is no doubt that the friction type saw blade grinding machine is able to grind a sharp blade accurately and quickly.

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Product category: Saw blades

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine (S300)

Superior innovation and brand new design

• A new generation design based on years practical experience and therefore create one profes-sional class friction saw blade sharpening machine.

• The patented vertical grinding direction allows you to operate it easy.

• Brand new deign: The vertical type friction saw blade sharpening machine is made with the thinking of operator as top priority. All adjustment levers have been property arranged, which allows operator to adjust rather easily cutting angle, back dearance angle, teeth depth and pitch of saw blade. Therefore, grinding sharp saw blade became quick and precise.

Patented saw blade thickness adjustment

• Saw blade thickness is clamped by two synchronic movement mechanisms at the same time .

It can help the saw blade in the center position. Therefore, no need to adjust manually the thickness of saw blade. Besides, as saw blade is clamped well , the grinding noise can be lowered.

Manual speed variation

• The machine equipped with inverter which can control the speed of grinding.

• The grinding speed can be adjusted with the change of teeth pitch.

Tooth profile cam

• Industrial class specialized tooth-profile cam was designed by high accurate calculation & simulation computer system. This makes your saw blade grinding done even more simply, quickly,and accurately.

• Grinding wheel head can swing up and down. Chamfer can be done without any need to changegrinding wheel then.

• Carbide tungsten is welded onto the end part of pushing jaw, which can reduce the wearing of feeding jaw to minimal possible extent and can reach accurate feeding.

• All cast iron of this machine utilizes nodular cast iron (FCD-45) . And they have been temper-treated to ensure the accuracy and enhance wear resistance.

• Main parts all utilize SKD 11 high carbide steel and have been through grinding and heat treatment.

• The spring for push arm is what has been reformed.With rotary spring, it won't get elastic fatigue easily (elasticity won't give in so easily). This can ensure the accuracy of feeding.

• Prop stand for feeding shaft of saw blade: Use high strength copper alloy as basic material with high-tech made solid lubricant added inside. It got features of high loading capacity and wearing resistance even without any need to apply lubricant additionally.

• Feeding shaft use Φ3Omm; enlarge axle center and heat treatment and grinding.

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About us

Company details

Eyan Machine Tools Co., Ltd was established in 1996.  We are the professional knife sharpening machine manufacturer, providing a wide range of saw blade sharpening machine, circular saw blade sharpener and End Mill Sharpener.

We specialized in developing state-of-art saw blade sharpener to meet the special requirements from customers around the world. We have obtained 30 new model patents in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China due to many years’ research and development in innovation.

Our circular saw blade sharpener are applied to automobile, aerospace, machinery, medical equipment and other industries who sharpens circular saw blades, and we won a good reputation and trust by offering our clients the high quality products and good after-sale service.

Besides, Eyan is the only one who can manufacture the saw blade sharpening machine that is able to grind the saw blade up to 1200mm diameter. Whether end Mills or friction saw blades, our sharpening machine can sharp it fast and accurately. 

Our expertise has enabled us to ensure finest CNC Slitter Knives grinding machine and Circular Saw Grinder by carrying out strict quality control to our products from each stage of production to dispatch. 

Our perfect performance at technology and equipment makes us become the leader of this profession and successfully leads our own brand into international market. We sincerely welcome all relevant friends over the world to come for a visit and cooperation!

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