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  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
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Our products

Product category: Rigid stranding machines

Conductor stranding

Equipment use
1. JSH beam twisting machine is used for twisting the core of the cable conductor. The main shaft is oil-cooled and naturally circulated for cooling, which can prolong the service life of the machine;
2. The wire passing system is the latest structure. The wire passes directly from the main shaft guide wheel to the bow belt, reducing the angle of the wire.
3. All the transmissions are synchronous belt transmissions with accurate twist distance;
4. The overall structure of the transmission frame is convenient for installation and transportation, and the bearing holes at both ends are processed at one time to ensure coaxiality;
5. The overall processing of the reel frame ensures the installation accuracy

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Product category: Rigid stranding machines

Continuous casting and rolling

Technical Parameters
The continuous casting machine has a four-wheel structure. The steel belt does not completely surround the copper crystal wheel with trapezoidal grooves on the cylindrical surface to form a continuously-operated closed casting cavity to complete the continuous casting of molten aluminum. The upper groove of the crystallization wheel is open, and it is cast horizontally and vertically. The pouring position is selected at two points on the clock. No deflection occurs when the continuous ingot is drawn out. The approach bridge is reduced in height, and the ingot output is consistent with the elevation of the rolling centerline. The crystallization wheel and the casting cavity are cooled by spraying with cooling water on all sides. The internal cooling is divided into four zones. The external cooling and the two sides of the cooling are installed on the same support. 14 channels of water supply are controlled by separate valves, and there are water supply distribution stations. Each channel has a pressure display for easy regulation. Equipped with water blowing and wiping refueling devices to remove water from the steel strip, the flow rate of the casting aluminum liquid is manually controlled by the three-stage floating valve of the three-line pouring pot, and the flow is stable and the liquid level is stable.

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Product category: Rigid stranding machines

KRH interlocking armoring machine.

Technical Parameters

Equipment use
Mainly used for various types of interlocking armored cables and continuous interlocking armor on the inner and outer layers of marine pipes. The use of chain-type metal tape armoring makes the armored cable have the advantages of creep resistance, high flexibility, stable connection, strong extension, and low rebound. It solves the special requirements of cable safety, rust prevention, tensile resistance, bending, and resistance to external mechanical damage in the use of its specific system, greatly improves the safety of the system operation, and meets the related power and data line networks Required for operation.

Easy to operate, intuitive and high precision. Touch screen display, parameter setting, PLC control, imported differential differential speed adjustment, servo motor tracking high-precision control.

Product advantages
The main performance indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products

Product upgrades
Specially designed tooling solves the problem of broken socket

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