Via Galliani 60, 21020 Casale Litta
Telephone +39 0332 945212
Fax +39 0332 945303

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Tube 2020 hall map (Hall 7a): stand D19

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Tube 2020 fairground map: Hall 7a

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Processing machinery for metallic tubes and pipes
  • 02.05  Machinery for the surface treatment of tubes
  • 02.05.03  Tube pickling lines

Our products

Product category: Tube pickling lines


New polymer based product used as replacement of the three steps of phoshpating (or oxalation) - rinse - soaping in drawaing of tubes with big diameter

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Product category: Tube pickling lines


Conversion treatment, for cold forming and drawing, microcrystalline zinc phosphates based.

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Product category: Tube pickling lines


Strong alkaline desgreaser used also in dephosphating of carbon steel and etching of aluminium and alloys.

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About us

Company details

CONDOROIL was founded by Franco Zavattoni in 1972.
Prior to establishing Condoroil, Franco gained many years of working knowledge and experience at Global British and Brazillian companies, such as CONDOROIL TINTAS in Rio de Janeiro.

CONDOROIL was established based on principals of Research & Development of innovative products, combined with customer service, and addressing customer needs in competition with multi-national companies.

Today the company has more than 3.000 products, 16 awarded and pending patents, and an innovative range of Recovery, Regeneration and Wastes Minimization Technologies as well as the Specialty Chemicals.

The company occupies 10.000 sqm of land, 4.000 of which is covered by 5 buildings. The production capacity for our Chemicals is about 10.000 tons/year.

We pride ourselves on Condoroil Chemical Laboratories where more than 35% of the staff are involved in Research and Development and Technical Assistance to customers, as these activities are the primary focus of Condoroil.

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