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Hebei Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd.

No. 28, Wire Road, Eastern Industry Zone, Anping County, 053600 Hengshui, Hebei
Telephone +86 318 7063110
Fax +86 318 7800251

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.09  Machinery for the manufacture of wire mesh, wire cloth and wire netting
  • 02.09.01  Wire mesh welding machines

Our products

Product category: Wire mesh welding machines

Storage Cage Mesh Welding Production Line

Introduction and Applications:
1.This machine can be used in the production of shelves mesh.
2.Shelves mesh welding production line,Its main features are: to realize the continuous production of shelves network, the production efficiency is higher than traditional pendulum wire more than ten times.

1.The vertical line feed is mainly composed of the payoff reel, the delay feeding rack, the cross straightening device, the line straightening device.

2.Main structure of welding machine mainly consists of rack, power system, welding system, line positioning device, cross alignment device.

3.Cross hopper for the double chain feeding hopper, divided into the upper hopper and the next hopper, can achieve different lengths of different wire diameter pre-cut wires automatic dropping

4.Anti-wire welding system consists of two sets of welding system and two sets of pre-cut wire feeding system, used to supplement the welding has been welded into the mesh on both sides of the opposite side of the line.
Storage Cage Mesh Welding Production Line technological processes

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Product category: Wire mesh welding machines

358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Line

Introduction and Applications:
1.This machine mainly for the production of anti-climb mesh,high degree of automation.
2.Anti-climb mesh purposes:mainly used in industrial,agricultural,prison,municipal,transportation and other industries for fences,decoration,protection and other facilities.

1.Precut wire, feeding by manual, U type U-shaped groove (retractable) positioning, automatic alignment feed, no feed trolley

2.The cross hopper with a cross wire storage and automatic feeding device, storage capacity of about 1.5 tons, to reduce the manual reclaim material, improve production efficiency.

3.The welding electrode and transformer are equipped with a circulating water cooling system to extend the service life.

4.The cooling circuit adopts stainless steel fast joins, which is easy to plugged and unsealed, and the machine is convenient and quick to change. The high temperature water hose is used to prevent the welding slag from being burnt.

5.Pneumatic pressurization, one compression.

6.The servo motor pulling repeatly can realize multiple reciprocating pull mesh according to the length of the mesh, and the whole mesh piece is completely pulled out.
358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Line technological processes

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Product category: Wire mesh welding machines

Double Wire Fence Mesh Welding Production Line

Introduction and Applications:
1.It’s compact in structure,easily to operate and with fully functions ,greatly improving the production efficiency.
2.This machine mainly for the production of bilateral fence, according to customer needs we have to custom processing .

1.Both line and cross wires are fed from pre-cut wires. line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically while cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the hopper, it adopts servo motor to pull the mesh repeatedly. when it is welding and drawing, labors could prepare the wires for next, so it has increased the production efficiently.

2.Line wears silk tube is divided into upper and lower two layers. Push wire device align the double line and send it to the lower electrode of the welding host for preparation for welding. The wears silk tube device is scalable according to the length of the longitudinal line.

3.The add hopper storage the cross and after the cross is drilled by the hopper throwing wire wheel, the crawl wire motor will send the cross to the middle of the two line.

4.After the welding is completed, the mesh is pushed to the mesh support device to support the mesh.

5.The mesh crawl module can crawl the mesh on the mesh support platform and then go to the specified location

Double Wire Fence Mesh Welding Production Line technological processes

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About us

Company details

Hebei Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd. (here-in-after referred to as JIAOYANG), located in the well-known hometown of wire mesh-Anping County, Hebei Province, established in 1988. After nearly 30 years of tempering, industry involves steel welded wire mesh machineries and steel welded mesh processing and distribution. The company implements industrialization, informationization and standardization under the strategic plan of “based on the mesh and serving the society”. The modern management system has become a welding mesh machine integrating R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service. The company is a technology research and development enterprise specializing in the research of wire mesh and steel electric soldering technology equipment.

Jiaoyang introduces foreign advanced technology and talents, and the steel mesh welding production line and wire straightening and cutting machines, mesh rolling machines and other equipments, they have won honors such as high-quality products in Hebei Province, the company has obtained “high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province” and “science and technology small and medium enterprises”. Combine the characteristics of various domestic industries, Jiaoyang launched the 3D panel mesh machine, the poultry cage mesh machine, the construction mesh welding machine, the reinforcing mesh welding machine and the brick force mesh welding machine series, which have been launched in combination with the characteristics of various domestic industries have continuously provided more than 4,500 sets to the society.

Jiaoyang ended on September 1st, 2018: the company has 271 employees, 40 technical design centers, 125 sets of production equipment such as car, milling, grinding, laser, machining center, including 32 sets of CNC equipments. It has 120 patents, including 18 invention patents, 10 provincial qualifications, 29 cities and county honors, 15 industry honors and users in 128 provinces and cities in 29 provinces and 75 countries and regions around the world.

With its strong R&D strength, advanced manufacturing technology and modern management methods, Jiaoyang creates excellent brands and assists the rapid development of the welding wire industry. While pursuing the whole country and facing tld, the company is pursuing excellence through transversal thinking. Development goals and strive to do smart welding net equipment manufacturing rate industry.

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