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Product category: Lubricants

LUBRICOOL™ - Copper Wire Drawing Lubricants

Water-soluble, high-performance lubricants for copper and other non-ferrous metal drawing, rolling and annealers
For over 30 years the Lubricool™ range of wire drawing lubricants has delivered high-performance lubrication to non-ferrous wire manufacturers around the world. Formulated using the latest synthetic technologies, Lubricool™ has been developed for drawing applications from rod to superfine wire. Additionally, the range includes products for the rolling of copper strip and continuous annealers.

Lubricool™ is known for its characteristically consistent and reliable performance over a wide variety of operating conditions and is currently in use by many of the world’s leading cable and non-ferrous wire producers. Lubricool™ is also recognised™ and endorsed by many machine manufacturers, including NIEHOFF, SAMP and SICTRA.

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Product category: Lubricants

ALUMOL™ - Aluminium Wire Drawing Lubricants

High-performance, hot-rolling and wire-drawing lubricants for pure aluminium and aluminium alloy

Alumol™ is a range of high-performance lubricants specifically developed for the drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloy wire. All of the products in the Alumol™ range contain an optimised combination of natural and synthetic lubricity additives.

The Alumol™ range’s high affinity for aluminium provides exceptional film strength to deliver outstanding surface finish and die life. The use of high-purity base oil and the latest antioxidant technology minimises thermal degradation and significantly extends service life. In addition all Alumol™ products have the ability to absorb small quantities of water – preventing problems such as wire breaks and surface scratching that are usually caused by ingress of moisture.

In use, experience has shown that Alumol™ drawing lubricants will deliver maximum benefits when used in conjunction with the VRX additive and Filtermet centrifugal filtration system. Together these products deliver significantly enhanced service life, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

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Product category: Lubricants

METAROL™- Hot Rolling Lubricant for Non-Ferrous Metals

Water-soluble, high-performance lubricants for hot rolling of non-ferrous metal

Metarol™ range of high-performance lubricants are specifically developed for the hot rolling of non-ferrous metal. By utilising an optimised combination of natural and synthetic additive technologies the Metarol™ range delivers the optimum level of lubric ation and protection for rolls and delivers outstanding surface finish on the rod.  Used around the globe, the Metarol™ range is trusted by wire manufacturers and is approved by Properzi.

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Product category: Lubricants

TUBOL™ - High-Performance Drawing Lubricants for Copper Tubes

High-performance drawing lubricants for copper tubes

Tubol™ is a wide and comprehensive range of lubricants specifically designed for use in drawing non-ferrous tubes used for ACR, sanitary and engineering applications.

The Tubol™ range uses the latest synthetic and semi-synthetic technology to meet the demanding specifications of users and customer requirements. The Tubol™ range is endorsed by leading tube and equipment manufacturers throughout Europe and Asia.

Due to the differing production processes in tube mills, often a bespoke lubricant programme is required to meet individual demands. Metalube® has a comprehensive range of tube mill lubricants for spinner blocks, bull blocks, draw benches, cascade lines, Pilger mills, extrusion presses and cast and roll applications.

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Product category: Lubricants

OCG™-High-Performance Protection Grease for Overhead Line Conductors

High-performance protection grease for overhead line conductors

A range of high-performance, non-melting, cold-applied grease designed specifically for the protection and preservation of overhead line conductors.

Innovative OCG™ technology consistently delivers high-performance across the range, preserving the integrity of the overhead lines by giving optimum anti-corrosion protection and absolute minimal oil separation when used as a composite part of the conductor. The OCG™ range is fully compliant with the most stringent of international standards.

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Product category: Lubricants


A range of high-performance wire rope lubricants

Rope-Tek™ WRD is a range of high-performance lubricants, specifically designed to lubricate and protect steel wire ropes. Each product is formulated from high-performance base oils and thickeners and contains an advanced additive system that minimises friction and wear and delivers outstanding corrosion protection.

Steel wire ropes are complex in construction and are subject to arduous operating conditions. Movement such as loading and unloading of the rope, bending and flexing over sheaves and pulleys, creates high load points where wires and strands cross over each other. This can result in fretting wear and corrosion, reducing the life of the rope.

The high-load carrying solids contained in Rope-Tek™ WRD products form a low-friction barrier between the metal surfaces, minimising frictional contact and wear.

Due to the vastly different environments that wire ropes have to operate in, Metalube® has a comprehensive range of wire rope lubricants to provide the right product for every condition and situation.

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METALUBE® is a UK-based manufacturer of specialist industrial lubricants, exporting to over 90 countries worldwide and offices in Manchester, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo and Shanghai.

Research and development is key to our business. We are constantly investing in the METALUBE® Technology Centre based at our Manchester factory, ensuring technical excellence and innovation across our entire range of products and services.

Our success also lies in our ability to be flexible, offering unrivaled technical and after-sales support. It is our priority for customers to run at peak efficiency – and for 30 years we have delivered a world-class service and superior-performance products

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