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  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.07  Machinery for the manufacture of fibre optics
  • 02.07.03  Stranding machines for fibre optics

Our products

Product category: Stranding machines for fibre optics

Cable Tensile Tester

The cable tensile tester is designed to test cables by pulling them up to 2000lbs force per leg at a controlled and programmable rate. The test apparatus is designed to meet the EIA Specification for FOTP33B and consists of a stationary stand with 3 turning sheaves at one end and a stand with a movable carriage at the other end. The cable is secured around interchangeable sheaves and a motorized actuator pulls the cable at the desired pull rate up to the programmable tension. The tensile tester unit is automated to make it easy to test any cable to ensure your cable meet their required design.

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Product category: Stranding machines for fibre optics

Oscillator – 15 Disk

SZ Oscillator

The Tensor SZ Oscillator is proven technology with years of running time in the field. The Tensor oscillator is designed with 10 or 15 rotating disks.

15 Disk Oscillator

The 15 disk oscillator has 15 rotating ceramic disks. Each disk is directly driven by a belt connected to a lightweight shaft. The disks rotate progressively from one disk to another, resulting in a spiral. At the end of the oscillator, the tubes/wires twist up to 14 turns before the oscillator reverses and twists up to 14 turns in the opposite direction. Careful design considerations ensure that the tube/wire tension remains low while it is traveling through the oscillator. The layplates are made from ceramic and are easily interchangeable for a different hole pattern.

The oscillator layplates are driven by up to three motors. This allows oscillator speeds of over 2000 rpm on some cable designs. The SZ Oscillator can be placed directly before an extruder if copper wires are being ran—or it can be placed before a Dual Head Binder if the tubes/wires are to be bound. There are many applications for the SZ oscillator that takes the place of the traditional rotating reel stranders.

To ensure that each reversal is sharp and within the specification, Tensor uses special programming to accelerate the oscillator at the reversals to lock in the exact reversal. It can also overtwist the reversal so that the reversal is locked in at a short distance.

The oscillator can be designed to stand alone or be integrated into a complete line.

Each oscillator is engineered to withstand the high speed demands placed on it during production. Safety features such as disk brakes and interlocked doors are incorporated into the oscillator, ensuring operator safety and reducing the risk of cable damage.

Optional wheel and tracks can be added to move the oscillator off line if desired.

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Product category: Stranding machines for fibre optics

Tape Former – Rollformer

Rollformers are designed to form corrugated steel tape around a cable core. They provide accurate, low-drag forming of corrugated steel tapes—with less than 5% loss in corrugation depth. Each machine is designed to accept only one tape width, forming it around one specific core size. Therefore, a separate former is required for each tape width.

Each rollformer consists of nine forming stations, for a total of 18 profile rollers. There are no dies used and forming is accomplished by rolling-friction. No lubrication of the tape is required. All rollers are ball-bearing mounted; stations are mounted on a common aluminum channel.

The rollformers are all factory pre-tested with corrugated tapes, which means no adjustment or set-up time in the cable plant. Since the rollers are hard coated and the tape friction is minimal, a rollformer lasts for years before requiring any maintenance. A ripcord guide is integrated with the rollers to positions the ripcord at the proper 180 degree angle. An optional tube and swellable tape guide are also available as required for some cable designs.

To assist in a quick changeover to a new tape size, multiple rollformers can be mounted on a Turret. With a simple turn of a wheel, the Turret rotates the desired rollformer into the line path. Various position turrets (4, 6, 9) are available.

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