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  • 02  Processing machinery for metallic tubes and pipes
  • 02.11  Handling systems, feeding systems and logistics for the tube and pipe industry
  • 02.11.04  Packing / packaging machines for the tube industry
  •  Packaging materials for tubes and tube products

Packaging materials for tubes and tube products

Our products

Product category: Packaging materials for tubes and tube products

The Lamiflex Product

The Lamiflex product was originally developed by a current customer in order to protect steel tubes and bars while in transit.

Lamiflex offers excellent industrial protection with environmentally friendly components that represent the packaging material for the future. The components are comprised of hardboard, which is produced from pure wood fibers, paper, plastic and hot melt adhesive.

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Product category: Packaging materials for tubes and tube products


Lamitape is the easiest and fastest way to pack and seal your products. It is highly adhesive and depending on the type also waterproof for long-term outdoor storage.

Lamitape for any packaging application.

  • Standard packaging tape – preferred for manual processing.
  • Fabric-reinforced packaging tape for the most demanding conditions like heavy pile goods and high requirements.
  • Elastic- tear proof packaging tape for outside use.

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Product category: Packaging materials for tubes and tube products


Lamiflex offers packaging grade hardboard versatility.

Hardboard as a packaging material:

Is light and easy to handle.
Requires no heavy lifting.
Eliminates risk of injury because there are no sharp edges.
Absorbs impact which results in good industrial protection.
Insulates products thus reducing condensation and moisture build up.
Is a wood based material which is reusable, easily disposable and recyclable.

 Specific applications:

Hardboard donuts for steel coils and paper roll face protection: Thickness 3.2 mm – Diameter up to 2140 mm.
Hardboard for bore and mantle protection for coils: Thickness 2.0 – 2.5 mm – material can be formed down to fit 400 mm bore diameter.

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About us

Company details

The Lamiflex Group is a world leading supplier of transport packaging solutions mainly in the steel, aluminum and cable industries. Our products include materials, machines, services and process improvements with methods and tools to develop and implement the optimal packaging solution and processes for packing. We provide the market with complete solutions including services for recycling or reuse of products or product systems.

The Lamiflex Group is headquartered in Nyköping Sweden but the group is globally represented by employee based subsidiaries, as well as, exclusive partnerships in many different countries.

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