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Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.10  Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Our products

Product category: Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Hydraulic Brakes

Coremo hydraulic brakes are designed to provide a simple, fast solution to the safety requirements of a wide range of industrial applications.

Hydraulic Brakes

The know-how acquired in more than 50 years’ experience and the use of 2D and 3D CAD technologies in design assure solutions consistent with the market’s specific demands, thanks also to each product family’s different clamping force ranges. COREMO hydraulic brakes are also available in caliper and direct versions, both in oil-applied and spring-applied types.

As the names indicate, oil-applied brakes are operated by the action of the hydraulic oil, while the spring-applied type are operated by the action of their springs.

The appropriate brake must be selected on the basis of the mechanical size required and the application’s thermal and operational conditions, depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

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Product category: Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Pneumatic Caliper Brakes

Pneumatic caliper brakes are designed for those industrial applications which use air pressure to operate the braking system. The lever mechanism principle ensures simple but very effective operation.

The product offering covers a clamping force range that meets the conditions required by the various applications. The quality of the product and its long life cycle are ensured by meticulous selection of materials, fifty years’ experience, painstaking design with the latest 2D / 3D software, FEM modellers and laboratory tests.

This family includes both air-actuated and failsafe brakes.

In air-actuated brakes, the braking force is generated by the air pressure, which can be modulated between 0 and 6 bar to vary the clamping force. Once the required force has been obtained, it will remain constant regardless of lining wear.

Conversely, in failsafe brakes the action of the springs generates, within short reaction times, clamping forces which guarantee plants’ safety during maintenance and/or in emergencies.
Adjustment to compensate for wear, as and when necessary, is simple and immediate thanks to a hand-operated mechanical system. Moreover, all failsafe pneumatic caliper brakes have a mechanical system which allows the brake to be made safe before any planned or unplanned maintenance work on it.

All hand-applied and air actuated and failsafe pneumatic caliper brakes can be fitted with a wear indicator and an on/off indicator device to protect the system during operation.

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Product category: Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Mechanically-Applied Caliper Brakes

Mechanically-applied caliper brakes are intended for all those industrial applications in which the pneumatic or hydraulic power may be absent, making mechanical operation of the brake necessary.
This type of brake is normally chosen for static, service or tensioning braking processes.

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About us

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Coremo Ocmea draws on its long tradition in the manufacture of brakes and clutches for industrial, marine, oil & gas, energy and entertainment sector applications to look firmly to the future, to the realisation of services with a high degree of customisation: structured projects including products, technical support, maintenance and consulting.

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