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  • 01  Machinery for the manufacture of rods, wires and strips
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  • 01.01.03  Continuous cast rod process lines (CCR process)

Continuous cast rod process lines (CCR process)

Our products

Product category: Continuous cast rod process lines (CCR process)

CCR Line

1.Application and Composition:
This plant works to produce low-oxygen glossy copper rod in 8mm diameter by means of continuous casting and rolling process, with cathode or red copper scrap as the feedstock.
The plant is composed of 1 sets of five-wheel casting machine, drive unit, roller shears, straightener and burring unit, shaver, rolling mill, coiler, and electrical control system.

2.Brief Process Flow:
Casting machine to get cast bar → roller shears → straightener → burring unit → shaver to treat cast bar → feed-in unit → rolling mill → cooling unit to quench rod → winding unit to pre-shape rod → star coiler to lay rod into coil.

3.Refined melted copper as Feedstock:
Refined and melted cooper from the furnace is flowed to the casting machine. The furnace is not included.

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Product category: Continuous cast rod process lines (CCR process)

Up Casting Line

1. Summary
Upward continuous casting oxygen-free copper rod production line (called the plant as follow), it is used for producing the big length shining/bright oxygen-free copper rod, the big length shining oxygen-free copper tube pellet and the big length shining oxygen-free copper flat pellet, etc.

2. Craftwork flow
Cathode copper/Scrap copper→melting furnace→transition house→holding furnace→casting machine (crystal molding) →casting rod→ take-up device → on sale or further producing
Put the cathode copper into the melting furnace of QL1 compounded furnace straightly. It will be melted into liquid by frequency inductor. And the liquid of copper will flood into the holding furnace automatically and smoothly pass through the transition house, and then it will be deoxidized by the charcoal covered. The liquid of copper will become casting rod quickly by the crystallizer of the casting machine in the holding furnace. Then it will be hauled by the double-withdrawal roller of the casting machine. When the casting rod is hauled off from the haul-off device, it will be led to take-up device through the idler pulley frame and take-up limited equipment.

3. Parameter
Customized according to the capacity

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About us

Company details

Beijing Holland Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is a technology & trading company. It has two overseas sales & service offices, located in Mumbai India and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The head office is located in Beijing. For convenient trading, Chaina International Limited was found in 2001. It is the sister company of Beijing Holland Co., Ltd in Hong Kong.

Through 20 years of development, BHD has established the business relationship with the clients from more than 20 countries. The business range of BHD covers the following aspects:

1. Equipment for Copper & brass processing
Electrolytic copper engineering, Copper CCR Line, Up casting line, Continuous extrusion machine, Strip rolling and Cleaning line, Strip slitting line, Wire drawing machine, scrap recycling line and other accessary machines;
2. Equipment for Aluminum & Alloy processing
Aluminum Melting furnace, ingot and billet casting line, Alu & Alu-alloy CCR line, Aluminum cladding steel, Aluminum sheet rolling machine, and other accessary machines.
3. Equipment for ferrous metal processing: 
PC steel bar line, Steel ball production line, steel wire rope production machines, slitting line etc.
4. Special equipment for motor manufacturing:
Notching machine, Vertical rotor casting machine, etc.
5. Special equipment for transformer manufacturing:
Insulating material processing machine, Winding machine, HV&LV foil winding machine, Cut to length, Slitting machine, etc.
6. Equipment for thermal insulation material manufacturing:
Rockwool and slag-wool production line, etc.
7. Equipment for Cement and coal industry:
Online- Cement element analyzer, Radar level meter, Ash analyzer etc.

Through the high quality service and performance, we win the trust of our customers in the global market. 
We have supplied more than one thousand machines or line in global market. Among it, there have 130 sets of Copper continuous extrusions machines, 40 sets of Up casting line, more than 200 sets of Notching machines.

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