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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.05  Robot technology for the wire and cable industry
  • 03.05.01  Material Handling
  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.06  Logistics for the wire and cable industry
  • 03.06.02  Dosing machines

Our products

Product category: Dosing machines

DGM Gravix - High-precision gravimetric batch dosing in any situation

The DGM Gravix series dosing units are now a standard among customers who seek maximum precision in batch gravimetric dosing even in extreme use conditions. DGM Gravix is the dosing unit that, thanks to its particular control with exclusive Vibration Immunity System and the double eyelid system, doses with precision up to 0.01% even when installed on a blow moulding machine, without being affected by the continuous movements and vibrations to which it is subjected.
The DGM Gravix dosing units cover dosing requirements for granule, powder and flakes materials, with dedicated applications, up to 12 materials and 12,000 kg/h. Applications dedicated to micro dosing, such as Rotopulse, make these machines extremely flexible in their use in the department.
Systems dedicated to the beverage world for the dosing of virgin PET, R-PET and flakes guarantee homogeneous mixtures and very high precision in the order of 0,1% even for very high hourly productions.


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Product category: Dosing machines

DVM Dosing units for masterbatch and additives

DVM is the simplest solution for dosing of master and additives in granules. The direct setting of the percentage to be dosed makes programming very simple.

The motorized screw controlled ensures high reliability and it is easily extractable. The inclined and head guided dosing screw guarantees the maximum stability and precision. Different screw diameters are available, made of stainless steel with patented profile for a perfect dosing.

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Product category: Dosing machines

DPK Continuous loss-in-weight colour feeder

DPK is a compact precise loss-in-weight dosing system, suitable for the dosing of small amounts of masterbatch or additives. The technology of the load cells and the control algorithm, make DPK reaching dosing accuracy of up to ± 0.03%. The masterbatch or additive to be dosed is contained in a hopper built in a specific transparent resistant acrylic material, free from electrostatic charges, which makes immediately visible the content material and the level of load and avoids the stop of material on the hopper walls. The hopper is easily removable without the use of tools and, together with the intelligent storage and recognition system of the masterbatches alongside the machine, the recipe change is even more immediate.

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Product category: Dosing machines

DBK - Gramixo

DBK GRAMIXO, batch dosing unit equipped with continuous loss-in-weight control of extruder feeding, manages the extruder and the speed of the line to keep the weight–per-meter ratio of the extruded product constant in time. The machine is characterized by its extreme precision, thanks to the double weighing cell control. Precise and accurate dosing (0.01%) is guaranteed by exclusive dosing double eyelid shutter device and the Rotopulse technology. With a reaction time of only 25 milliseconds, this system is able to dose up to six components creating accurate blends.
Gramixo is designed to be installed directly on the processing machine, thanks to the exclusive immunity vibration system. Gramixo is easy to use for both the production, thanks to the quick discharge system of hoppers that allows a quick production change avoiding machine downtime, and for the cleaning, as it is equipped with inclined and removable mixing chamber, allowing the total discharge and easy maintenance.
The wireless control with object-oriented interface is also super easy, as it includes connection to Ethernet, USB, RS485 and MOWIS, the Moretto innovative supervising system.

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Product category: Material Handling

X COMB - Maximum drying energy efficiency even on small productions

The X COMB series of dehumidifiers has been extended in the range to cover higher production needs. These mini dryers are a real combination of patented Moretto technologies: fully electric (they do not use compressed air), they are equipped with powerful turbo-compressors, zeolite technology, the Dew Point equalizer and the exclusive OTX hopper.
Particularly indicated for the drying of highly hygroscopic technical materials used in demanding sectors such as the medical, optical and automotive sectors, the X COMB dryers are the best allies in terms of efficiency and energy savings.
The ON series, with compact and robust models, is suitable for installation directly on the mouth of the processing machine, guaranteeing constant quality during the production process.
The SIDE series includes larger models up to 24 kg/h, with the installation next to the machine, to satisfy higher productions or in battery on trolley for maximum production flexibility.

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Product category: Material Handling

MOWIS supervising system

For the supervision and control of plastics processing plants, Moretto has developed the advanced MOWIS 3 supervision system, a modular software capable of adapting to the needs and to the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of each customer, allowing connectivity between machines, processes, departments, plants and factories.
MOWIS 3, a proprietary SCADA software entirely developed and designed "in House" is the latest evolution of Moretto's advanced supervision system, an essential tool for efficient and safe production, also of the "lights out" type.
Through MOWIS 3 the user monitors the status of each machine and each operation of the system: it records anomalies and creates a history, sets and/or modifies the process parameters, stores the changes to the system parameters, programs the work times, manages material consumption and production lots, creates process reports in real time and operating and efficiency statistics. Connected to the "service" it provides information on the status of the machines and identifies their maintenance needs. MOWIS 3 connects up to 1100 clients.
MOWIS 3 has customized modules that allow a total "4.0 tracking" of the process: the "Lotto batch" module allows to trace the batches of material through the entire production process, from procurement to their transformation; "Silcontrol" avoids human errors in loading materials into the destination silos, "Item-Go" based on the item to be produced, defines and sets the parameters for each machine, automatically from the silo to the processing machine, "Mould Control” automatically recognizes the mould and defines the process parameters. These and others are the custom modules, which have now become pillars in the supervisory systems installed by Moretto at customer facilities that appreciate its efficiency, reliability and ease of management.
MOWIS 3 is remotely controllable and communicates with business management (ERP), production (MES) and customer data management systems via the universal OPC UA protocol.

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Moretto researches, develops and manufactures automation for the plastic processing industry.
Its systems are characterized by low energy consumption and by the originality of the solutions in the sectors of feeding, conveying, hot-air drying, dehumidifying, grinding, micro-dosing, gravimetric and volumetric dosing, storage, temperature control and cooling.
A special products line, dedicated to PET applications, guarantees high performances and low energy consumptions.
The company offers flexible solutions according to the customers’ needs and develops customized centralized systems, supplied turnkey.
With a direct presence in Germany, Poland, Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, USA and China and a qualified sales network in over 60 countries, Moretto offers an excellent support by assisting customers from consultancy service to assistance in the after sales service. 
Among the customers there are leading trademarks in the electric household appliances, lighting technique, sportswear, detergent, automotive and medical equipment industries.

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  • Wire industry
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