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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.11  Machinery for the manufacture of fasteners (bulk metal forming)
  • 02.11.02  Multi-stage presses

Our products

Product category: Multi-stage presses

HBF Series Hyodong Bolt Former

It is mainly manufactured as 4-station that is possible to product from M6 to max. M38 (under head length 470mm long bolt). This former is suitable for diverse kind of construct bolt parts.

Station           Max. Cut-off Dia x Length           Bolt Size M                  Forging Lord kN              Speed PPM
3 ~ 5                Ø 42 X 470 mm                                M6~M38                       9,000                                     45 ~ 300

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Product category: Multi-stage presses

HNF Series Hyodong Nut Former

It is mainly suitable for Nut Forming as 5-station with super high speed & convenient to use

Station                Max. Cut-off Dia x Length                    Nut Size M             Forging Lord kN              Speed PPM
5 ~ 6                      Ø41 X 36 mm                                            M6~M27                 6,000                                    80 ~ 400

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Product category: Multi-stage presses

HR Series Hyodong Rolling Machine

As high technical slide type of machine, Hyodong Rolling Machine has the results that were sold than 300 units. Easy adjusting & high precision makes to boost production

Thread Dia mm       Shank Length mm        Max Thread Length mm       Rolling Load kN         Speed PPM
M6 ~ M42                    50 ~ 360                             30 ~ 200                                       50 ~ 420                        50 ~ 250

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About us

Company details

We, Hyodong Machine, have developed technology and increased facilities for 30 years to meet the needs of customers. Therefore we have technology to manufacture custom ordered machines from various customers and the biggest facilities. We try to find out the needs of the customers more exactly and deeply

by communication with them, so their needs become the source of technology development, and their complaints are minimized by our quick customer service. The competitiveness comes from the quality of machines, we will keep developing our technology to satisfy customers and will become manufacturers who build the best quality machines in the world.

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