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  • 02  Processing machinery for metallic tubes and pipes
  • 02.01  Machinery for mechanical processing
  • 02.01.02  Tube cutting machines
  •  Tube sawing machines

Our products

Product category: Tube sawing machines

TAG E-Z Fab Pipe Cold Cutting and Bevelling Machine

The E-Z Fab is a revolutionary new cutting & bevelling system for pipes. Ideally suited, but not limited to workshops, and high productivity process environments.

The E-Z Fab utilises a similar principle to our clamshell split frame cutting & bevelling machines.

However, the rotating, working inner ring is 1 piece, and is housed in a cast outer body, meaning strength, and rigidity... and speed. Due to its stability (and hugely in part due to the awesome 1.5kw Electric Servo Motor, we’ll talk about that more later...) the fact that the ring is 1 piece means that it can rotate at high speed, whilst maintaining a stable, precise cut.

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Product category: Tube sawing machines

TAG Aluminium Light Weight Split Frame Clamshell Cutting and Bevelling Machine

Range: 1" - 54" (25mm - 1372mm)
The TAG Split Frame Clamshell range of portable cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines are designed for ease of use, even in difficult situations.

Thanks to their low profile frame they are the perfect machines for use when access to the pipe is restricted.

The TAG range of Cut and Prep Split Frame Clamshells are available with pneumatic, servo electric motors and hydraulic motors, and will cover a range from 1" to 54" o/d (6" range per ring).

Larger sizes are available on request. Cutting and bevelling can be performed simultaneously; any type of weld prep can be achieved including compound angles and "J-preps".

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Product category: Tube sawing machines

TAG Pipecut Orbital Pipe Saw (OPS) R Series

Range: ¼" - 12" (6mm - 300mm o/d)
The TAG Bench Mounted Orbital Pipe Saws are the low cost and practical solution to cut almost all types of metal pipe. Cutting is executed by manually rotating the machine around the pipe. The pipe is cut with one rotation. It is powered by a powerful and sturdy electric motor equipped with speed regulator. The pipe saws produce a square, burr-free cut that does not require any further dressing.

Four models are available in the range, the TAG OPS R4 (¼″ - 4½″), the TAG OPS R6 (3" - 6"), the TAG OPS R8 (6" - 8") and the TAG OPS R12 (8" - 12").

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About us

Company details

With headquarters in the UK, TAG-PIPE was founded by Anthony Tagliaferro who started in the manufacture and supply of pipework fabrication machinery, tools and handling equipment in 1985, having previously worked as a welder, fabricator and toolmaker.

Over recent years TAG-PIPE has grown significantly through focusing on the importance of being close to our customers. In 2012 we opened a branch in Europe (Belgium), in 2013 a branch in the USA (Houston), in 2014 a branch in Asia (China), in 2015 a branch in Middle East (Dubai) in 2016 a branch in India (Pune) and most recently in 2017 a branch in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).

Today, with offices and warehousing in 7 countries, on 4 continents, 70 employees and more than 180 partnerships and distributors worldwide, we pride ourselves in consistently offering the highest standard of both product quality and service to all our customers.

We look forward to welcoming you into our global network as a TAG-PIPE partner, distributor or end user customer and remain at your disposal at any time.

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