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  • 02.01.08  Tube piercing machines

Our products

Product category: Tube piercing machines

Sanderson TPM4

Tube Perforating Machine 4"

The Sanderson TPM4 is the world's fastest commercially available tube perforation machine. Capable of punching over 6000 accurately-placed holes in under a minute in tube ranging in diameter from 1.5" to 4", the TPM4 is in a class of its own. The TPM4 is designed for very quick cycle times, minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming and storing of new parts, as well as rapid (under 2min) tool changes without the need for tools. 

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Product category: Tube piercing machines

Sanderson TPM-Lite

The Sanderson TPM-Lite is a cost-effective solution for those with lower production volumes. It is the baby brother of the Sanderson TPM4, and it shares many of the same design features. The TPM-Lite can accommodate tube up to 3" in diameter and due to the single servomotor at the back will always punch helical patterns. It is mounted on sturdy lockable castors, allowing you to easily move and setup operation anywhere in your plant. Designed for lower production volumes, very quick cycle times, minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming and storing of up to 45 parts, as well as rapid (under 3min) tool changes.

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Product category: Tube piercing machines

Sanderson TPML4

Tube Perforating Machine Linear, 4"

The Sanderson TPML4 is the world's first commercially available high speed internal tube louvering machine. This machine offers linear tube perforating and louvering, with parts made exactly to print. A key benefit to the Sanderson TPML4 is the ability to perforate tube from the inside out, eliminating all burrs from the inside of the tube. The Sanderson TPML4 closely rivals the TPM4 in speed, offers minimal tube distortion and burring, easy programming and storing of new parts, and a complete tool change can be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

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About us

Company details

Sanderson Machines are world leaders in high speed tube perforating and louver technology. Along with building the fastest tube perforator on the planet, we also offer a large range of machinery and tooling solutions to suit your application and budget.


Sanderson machines are designed and produced by Sanpro Industries in New Zealand; we are a small family run business with a solid reputation within the exhaust manufacturing industry. Our machines have a proven track record for reliability and efficiency, ultimately increasing our customers productivity and saving them time and money.


Sanderson machines are the product of decades of extensive research and development, and our team stands behind every machine we sell with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee and technical support available 24/7.


We know every application has different tooling requirements, so we would love to work closely with you to build a customised solution to suit your particular needs.  

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