Belgin Madeni Yaglar TIC VE San. A.S.

Gebze OSB Mahallesi, İhsan Dede Cad., No: 125/1, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tools, auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacturing and processing of metallic tubes and pipes
  • 03.02  Agents
  • 03.02.04  Lubricants

Our products

Product category: Lubricants


RENOL EP/MP is special metal working fluid which contains EP additives. It is miscible with water and used at between 5-30% depending on the operations. It has high lubrication properties and it is used for difficult operations like deep drawing.

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Product category: Lubricants


They are superior tapping oils which contain high quality refined mineral oils, EP, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. They reduce the formation of oil mist to minimum.


They are superior oils especially developed to be used for tapping operations.

Basic function of the lubrication of the workpiece and the chip, thus creating an intermediate layer is to prevent direct contact of two objects.

It preserves cutting tool against wear, providing creation of the solid layer on the upper surface due to special anti-wear and extreme-pressure (EP) additives.

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Product category: Lubricants


QUENCHOIL SYD SERIES are the high performance quenching oil used in the process of hardening of metals. They were formulated solvent-refined mineral base oils. They have high resistant to oxidation, low tendency to combustion and formation of carbonaceous deposits.

They are specially developed for hardening operations through its hardness formation yield, distortion control property and long service life.


QUENCHOIL SYD SERIES are high performance quenching oils which is used to provide hardening of the carbon and alloy steels homogeneously without losing color and stability.

QUENCHOIL SYD SERIES are used successfully in hardening operation of workpieces made by cementation and breed steel.

They can be used in different type stoves a wide temperature range.

They can be used successfully in heat treatment of all type gears and shaft in automobile industry, rolling rings needles and pins, all kinds of part produced by using thin sheet.

QUENCHOIL SYD SERIES have short vapor phase. So it provides homogenous cooling without distortion.

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About us

Company details

BELGIN Oil, one of the leading lubricants & grease manufacturers in Turkey, started its operations in 1953, Goztepe, Istanbul. BELGIN is continuously growing in line with its vision and strategy in a sustainable manner.

In 2014, BELGIN executed The National Quality Initiative Good Will Statement led by KalDer, has become the first Turkish lubricants company recognized for Excellence 5 Star under the EFQM (European Quality Management Foundation) Excellence Model. 

Today, carrying out its operations in the facilities located at Gebze Organized Industry Zone on a land covering 25.500 m², with a 40.000 tons/year capacity, BELGIN is exporting its high quality & performance products which are also certified by international authorities, to more than 40 countries. BELGIN ranked 6th among IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association) member companies with its export performance in 2015. 

BELGIN is offering its high-quality products in 5 main categories, -Metal Working Oils, Industrial lubricants, Automotive lubricants, Greases and Marine lubricants- in 34 product groups with 1.000 different synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral type of products to the industry and consumers worldwide. 

BELGIN, since 1999 has in its LUBEX automotive lubricants brand portfolio and GRESON grease portfolio holding over 50 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) approvals. It has become the first Turkish Company to become European Grease Institute (ELGI) member and UEIL (Independent European Mineral Oil Producers Association) member as well as a member of EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Association).

With its vast experience and know-how for over 60 years, BELGIN combined many studies in its R&D Laboratory to develop tailored products to different requirements and conditions, adding value to its business partners and customers, was listed in the second 500 Largest Industrial Companies Report of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) as of 2014. 

With special training programs and after-sales technical support services offered to its customers, BELGIN establishes a synergy with the users at the right place in the most cost-efficient manner by providing sustainable added value and offer rational solutions to its customers in the industries.

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