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Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.02  Agents for wire processing
  • 03.02.04  Lubricants

Our products

Product category: Lubricants

Cleaning chemicals

In the field of cleaning chemicals, some of the most important questions ask how we can remove human sweat and grime from clothing, eliminate stains from external dust and dirt, and keep from losing that new feeling without damaging the clothing fibers. Furthermore, we develop and provide additives that remove stains while giving users the functions and effects that they want, such as water repellency, static guard, and sanitation. We don't just develop detergents for cleaners. We also develop special product for the medical field. Hospitals and other medical institutions use these detergents to sterilize medical devices, thus serving an important role in preventing infections from spreading within the facility. Furthermore, we look at the changes in society to actively make efforts towards products such as environmentally-friendly wet cleaning and the linen supply field (cleaning tablecloths, sheets, towels, etc.) for hotels and hospitals.

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Product category: Lubricants

Chemicals for Metalworking Industry

Metalworking Chemical Department provides mainly “metalworking chemicals” and “metal surface treatment chemicals”. Our metalworking chemicals are used mainly in wire and tube drawing, cold rolling, pressing, and casting, slicing, and lapping for the metal forming industry. Our metal surface treatment chemicals are used for cleaning metal, rust preventing, derusting metal, antistatic application and so on. Our products are widely used to make bridges, ships, automobiles, and even in fuel tanks for space shuttle. In addition, our products are used in high-tech electronics industry such as semiconductor. For example, our electronics chemicals are used to make semiconductor base plates such as slicing coolant to slice silicon wafer, lapping agent to polish silicon wafer.

While our strength as a company relies on organic chemistry, Metalworking Chemical Department is almost in a filed of inorganic chemistry. With this uniqueness, our department is trying to combine organic and inorganic chemistry to achieve higher technology. For example, look at the technology to form ultrafine pores in an inorganic substance such as silicic acid if a complex organic substance is used as the mold. Kyoeisha Chemical refines the technology accumulated over the years, bringing us closer to a theme that ties us to the future.

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Product category: Lubricants

Functional monomers & oligomers

Dramatic advances in chemical techniques have produced a variety of polymers that are not available in the natural world (such as plastics and synthetic fibers), and these polymers make our lives and society much more convenient. These polymer materials include monomers, which are base unit materials used to construct polymers, and oligomers, which have a comparatively low degree of polymerization.
Kyoeisha Chemical provides foundation materials for plastics that use the special characteristics of monomers and oligomers. In other words, we provide raw materials for chemical products and chemicals for reforming materials to users in a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on providing one of the best arrays of products found anywhere in the world. We meet a wide variety of customer needs, from acrylic derivatives focusing around our LIGHT ESTER line, special fluorine compounds that are essential for information electronics such as flat panel displays and optical media, to a range of functional products including high performance hard coating materials. We plan to continue meeting these needs by working together with customers for research and development and quickly dealing with new markets including next generation digital electronics and the optical communication field.

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About us

Company details

Even today, we cherish the perspective handed down from our founder of "having a sense of gratitude for all things, and striving to achieve co-existence and co-prosperity with everyone involved with our company." Our fundamental value is our corporate philosophy of "co-existence and co-prosperity," and the ultimate goal of our business activities is to continue growing with our customers and society.
To achieve this, we aim to be an "energetic, strong, and good company." An "energetic company" which accepts challenges without fearing failure. A "strong company" which can achieve stable growth, without being buffeted by the business environment. A "good company" which is trusted by people both inside and outside of the company. In 2014, we mark the 110th anniversary of our founding. At present, we are promoting a vision for our 120th anniversary and beyond, and taking up the challenge of new innovation. We hope to be able to count on your continuing support in the future.

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