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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.01  Tools for wire production
  • 03.01.01  Rolling tools

Our products

Product category: Rolling tools

Knurling rollers

Knurling is used wherever a cylindrical surface needs to be roughened or
a place for easy and safe grasp of an item needs to be created.

We manufacture knurling rollers to produce knurled surfaces in all types according to DIN82. 

 Types of knurling: 

  • RAA (streight)
  • RBL (slant left 45°)
  • RBR (slant left 45°)
  • RGE (angular dents 45°)
  • RGV (angular tops 45°)
  • RKE (rectangular dents)
  • RKV (rectangular tops)

We are able to produce knurling tools for rolling machine or for lathe knurling tools. 
You could request also atypical shape of knurling. 

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Product category: Rolling tools

Rollers for thread rolling heads

Rollers for thread rolling heads are used for the production of threads or modules by cold forming.

The design of thread rollers corresponds to the rolling process. For infeed rolling, a pair of rollers is usually used. In throughfeed (axial) thread rolling, three rollers are usually in the set and each set is supplied as a whole.

The rollers enable the manufacture of all types of profiles.

Common produced types of thread:

  • Metric (M)
  • Pipe (G)
  • Witworth (BSW)
  • Trapezoid (Tr)
  • Round (Rd)
  • Panzergewinde (Pz)
  • Modul (ACME, API)
We produce rollers for all types of thread rolling heads and tangential holders of domestic provenance (ZPS, Zhv, Zvhu, Zvh) as well as for thread rolling heads and holders of foreign manufacturers.

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Product category: Rolling tools

Thread Rolling

Thread rolling as a cold forming process is the most effective method for the manufacture of screws, threadbars and other connecting materials. Our own machinery allows us to offer co-operation in the manufacture of threads and modules in the PR-25 and UPWS-16 rolling machines. 

Our technicians have extensive experience, which is why they are able to provide high-level services in thread rolling.  We measure threads by means of the Mitutoyo CV-3100 contour measuring tool – one of the most accurate measuring devices around, and we can also offer this tool for your other products, where knowing accurate contours is necessary. 

Infeed or throughfeed rolling is possible up to 5 m.

 We roll the following threads:

Metric thread (M), trapezoidal thread (Tr), Whitworth thread (W, BSF), inch thread (UN, UNC, UNF, UNJF), pipe thread (G) and round thread (Rd). Because we manufacture practically all thread profiles, we can also offer the manufacture of special thread profiles or profiles according to your drawings.    

Dimensional limits of the offer:

  • Thread diameter 3 – 90 mm
  • Thread length up to 5,000 mm
  • Tr thread lead 1.5 – 8 mm
  • Worm module max. 4 mm
E.g., by rolling we produce air couplings, piston rods, thread bars, shanks and many other products.


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About us

Company details

We warmly welcome you in our company NAREX ROLL
Flexibility, stability and clear customer orientation have been a guarantee since 1944 in the production of our products and individual orders. Innovation, based on tradition, deals with all 30 collaborators with personal engagement and know-how.

Our high share of production:

  • roller dies,
  • rollers for thread heads,
  • flat and planetary dies, thread chasers,
  • adjustable hand reamers,
but also the ability to integrate other technologies into our concepts, move us to a position where we are able (whether it is development or individual production) fulfill any wishes of our domestic and foreign customers.

These products are delivered to businesses in many European and non-European countries.

We also have our own facilities in Spain and also in Hong Kong, see Contacts. We cooperate with our business partners in the world too.

Find out more about our products and choose one of the categories in our Catalog menu.

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