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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Machinery for the manufacture of rods, wires and strips
  • 01.02  Rolling
  • 01.02.02  Cold rolling lines

Cold rolling lines

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.03  Machinery for the processing of wires and strips
  • 02.03.05  Wire reduction rolling mills

Wire reduction rolling mills

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.03  Machinery for the processing of wires and strips
  • 02.03.06  Strip rolling mills

Strip rolling mills

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.10  Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Our products

Product category: Strip rolling mills

Magnet Wire Rolling Mills

BÜHLER REDEX Tandem Rolling Mills are the most advanced mills for quality production of flat copper conductors.

Such Rolling Mills lines process raw copper rods into flattened wire of high accuracy , according to strict international standards. These turnkey equipements are entirely designed and manufactured in Europe, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and productivity.

Offering the shortest payback on the market, BÜHLER REDEX Mills are chosen by the leading manufacturers of enamelled, wrapped and transposed conductors, to produce the flat wire used by the most advanced coil winding industry (HD transformer, LH / HV rotating machines, wind turbines, generators, etc.).

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Product category: Wire reduction rolling mills

Round and Shaped Wire Rolling Mills

Reduction or shaping mills are used to reduce the circular cross-section or to build new section shape of any of rollable materials. Starting from a raw material rod, the diameter is reduced to a suitably smaller final round wire, or to an accurate shaped wire.

Alternating horizontal and vertical rolling process the wire shape changes while the required productivity can be determined by the number of reduction phases (which also depends on the wire material).

BÜHLER REDEX build modular reduction wire mills with different roller diameters and many horizontal and vertical roll stands to fulfil the exact customer's need.

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Product category: Auxiliaries (guides, feed devices, brakes etc.)

Levelers, Stand Alone Lines, and Ancillaries

REDEX provides advanced Tension Leveling solutions to the most advanced ferrous and non-ferrous industries, such as Precision stainless, Stainless, Black steel, Tinplate, Aluminium, Galvanizing, Color coating, Alloys ferrous & non-ferrous.

REDEX is a renowned turnkey equipment supplier for both endusers (metal processing plants) or OEMs. It's long proven technologies include stand alone lines (complete Tension Leveling Lines), as well as Levelers which are used to improve the finishing quality of large processing lines.

REDEX' solution portfolio include in particular Stand Alone Lines, Levelers, Precision strip mills, Skin pass, and Edge trimmers.

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About us

Company details

Member of the REDEX Group, BUEHLER is the technical world leader for cold rolling mills, enabling the most advanced process for enhancing precision, quality, and productivity in wire and narrow strip manufacturing BUEHLER relies on 125 years experience, over 1000 equipment delivered worldwide and a wide sales & service network in Europe, Americas, and Asia And with the MEROBEL brand, REDEX Group also offers the most versatile, user friendly, and comprehensive turnkey tension control solutions to demanding wire, cable, and composites industries

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