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Our products

Product category: Machines for cable marking, Marking and labelling systems

Ax350i Continuous Inkjet Printer - The new standard for coding and marking

The Ax350i offers high-resolution continuous inkjet printing for flawless, crisp codes.

Its newly designed, intuitive user interface makes it easy to configure and integrate with existing production lines and supports leading industrial communication protocols (including inventory control systems).

In addition, the Ax350i uses a range of integrated sensors to automate system monitoring and provide proactive, predictive diagnostics and remote service support via the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and connectivity with the Domino Cloud.

The Domino Cloud connects the printers to the Domino support network, which monitors their operation and performance. This provides customers with timely information on issues, provides data for overall equipment efficiency (OEE) calculation, compares printer performance across locations, and anticipates when consumables are running out.

A choice of different printhead variants and high-performance colour and pigmented inks ensures that coding requirements today, and in the future, can be fulfilled, whether you are working with food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, or in industrial applications.

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Product category: Machines for cable marking, Marking and labelling systems

Ax150i Continuous Inkjet Printer - A reliable printing solution that adapts to your needs

The Domino Ax150i is the latest entry-level model in continuous inkjet printing.

The new generation of our precision ink drop technology controls the formation of every single drop of ink, resulting in reduced consumables usage, and precise ink placement at conventional print speeds.

The Ax150i can print up to five-line codes and is the ideal combination if you want to enjoy flexibility, reliability, and simplicity with a relatively small budget.

The printer comes complete with our industry-leading QuickStep software for easy installation and smooth operation, and features upgradable plug-and-play add-ons to guarantee flexibility and ease-of-use.

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Product category: Machines for cable marking, Marking and labelling systems

F220i fibre laser - Unbeatable precision for clear codes on a wide variety of plastics and metals

Flexibility and precision are key features of the powerful F220i fibre laser. This reliable solution is capable of producing an unlimited number of lines of text and graphics on a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic, and flexible packaging materials.

It is also ideal for applying 2D Data Matrix codes.

The combination of a very fine laser beam and a high pulse peak power of more than 12kW ensures maximum precision.

The F220i is an efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and extremely durable fibre laser that allows for the highest productivity.

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Product category: Machines for cable marking, Marking and labelling systems

Continuous inkjet printing solution for pre- and post-treatment extrusion lines

This configurable solution features Domino’s Ax350i continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer, fully integrated with plasma pre-treatment and UV post-treatment in a single solution, ensuring optimum print adhesion to the product.

The modular, easy to configure solution is ideally suited to process uncut and round products such as cables of all types, pipes, tubes, and profiles with a diameter of 0.8mm to 50mm, at speeds of up to 300m/min. The system also features hardware protection against knots with a diameter up to 50mm.

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Product category: Machines for cable marking, Marking and labelling systems

Laser enclosure for continuous applications

Domino’s new innovative laser enclosure offers a CO2 or fibre laser solution with a product guiding and length measurement system ensuring the achievement of Laser Class 1 safety standards for your production line.

This innovative solution offers a variety of specification possibilities (particularly for fibre laser systems) enabling coding onto a wide variety of products, such as cables, wires, tubes and hoses.

While the product guiding system makes height adjustments for different product diameters a thing of the past, it also allows for the processing of knots with a diameter up to 50mm at speeds of up to 300m/min.

The laser enclosure can also be easily integrated into existing production lines and has the added benefit of hard-wearing parts that do not require maintenance.

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About us

Company details

More than a marker - we leave a lasting impression

Domino is a leading supplier of innovative coding, marking, and labelling solutions for use in production and logistics environments.

Our coding and marking systems are used across industries to apply durability and traceability data, lot, batch, and inspection numbers, meter and inch markers, and logistics information to products, packaging, and pallets.

We are active in numerous industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, tobacco, cosmetics, cable, wire, tube, and automotive and have been setting standards in quality and reliability for more than 40 years.

Our customers benefit from our extensive industry experience, and the  know-how of our responsible and passionate employees who have only one goal: to inspire our customers!

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