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Aluminium wire / aluminium alloy wire

Our products

Product category: Aluminium wire / aluminium alloy wire

Copper Clad

- It is a bimetallic product used in the cable industry that combines the high strength of steel with the conductivity and corrosion resis- tance of Copper for the CopperClad Steel. And for the CopperClad Aluminum, combines the lightweight, exibility and conductivity of the aluminum with the corrosion resistance and higher conductivity of the Copper.
- A bimetal, is a substitute for a simple metal
- The external metal is different from the internal metal
- The adherence of both metals is thru a metallurgical process na- med cladding
- The processes for manufacturing the bimetals products are:
Electrolytic, Extrusion of billets, Conforming, Liquid metals and "So- lid Metal Cladding" (Patented by CopperClad S.A. de C.V.)

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Product category: Aluminium wire / aluminium alloy wire


- CCS has more than 10 times the ex fatigue cycles compared to annealed solid copper.
- CCS is 65% stronger than Annealed Copper.
- CCS is more robust than Annealed Copper.
- CCS can be thermo or Cad Welded just like Copper.
- CCS has faster impedance to ground than Copper, so lines and equipment have a better protection.
- CCS has higher resistance to thermal expansion Failures when compared to solid copper.
- CCS has the same resistance to corrosion as copper.
- The main applications for CCS are the CATV Drop Wires, Telepho- nic Wires, Grounding Applications and Aerial Cables.

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Product category: Aluminium wire / aluminium alloy wire


- CCA is 37% the weight of Solid Copper
- CCA is a signi cant economic cost saving for the nal user com- pared to Copper.
- CCA Cables are easier to install than solid Copper.
- CCA Cables can use standard copper connectors.
- There is no contact resistance problems with CCA compared to solid Aluminum
- The main applications of CCA are the CATV Cables, Power Ca- bles, Mag netic Wire, Building Wire, and the Automotive, Aircraft and Electronics Industries.

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About us

Company details

In 1979, Alto Carbono S.A. de C.V. was founded in Queretaro, Mexico as a manufacturer of High Carbon Steel Wires. It rapidly became the leader in Mexico for these high tensile wires. In 1982 Cablesa was founded to include High Carbon Steel Wire Ropes. Local success leads to expansion into four (4) facilities located in the United States (Phoenix, Washington, New Orleans and Houston) the overall capacity was 50,000 MT/yr.

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