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Moldova, Republic
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  • 04  Wire and wire products
  • 04.01  Wire and bar material
  • 04.01.01  Wire, related to its shape and dimension
  •  Wire rod

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MSW is one of three steel plants built in the USSR in the mid 1980’s. Construction of the plant started in August, 1981 and the first steel cast was produced in October, 1984.
The plant has two main shops: the EAF shop and the Rolling Mill.
According to the initial design the plant had two EAFs (100 I6) and two CCMs with a total annual capacity of 700,000 t of steel. The total output in the first year of operation was as low as 206,000 t of steel billets because both the EAFs and the CCMs had design imperfections which made the efficient operation of these units impossible.
In 1985, Moldova Steel Works commenced a multistage project to upgrade and modernize main production units in the EAF shop. The project involved foreign contractors and suppliers of steel making equipment.
As a result, the plant shifted its total production to only one line (Line No.2: EAF + Ladle Furnace + Continuous Caster) in 1998. Line No. 1 was dismantled.
In 1997-2003, modernization projects were carried out by own forces. In September, 1999, the total capacities of the EAF (120 t) and the Continuous Caster reached 1,000,000 t of crude steel.

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