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Our products

Product category: Stainless steel profiles

Austenitic stainless steel

 are the most common. They are non-magnetic. In addition to 18 % of chromium, they also contain a minimum of 8 % of nickel which increases their corrosion resistance. The latter is markedly improved by alloying with molybdenum, thus forming a stable protective passivation oxide layer to provide additional protection. These steels are also characterised by excellent toughness and the maintenance of mechanical properties at very low temperatures.

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Product category: Stainless steel profiles

Ferritic stainless steel

are magnetic with a low carbon content. The main alloying element is chromium (between 13 % and 17 %); nickel is not added. Their main advantage is resistance to stress corrosion cracking and atmospheric corrosion. Their advantage is a relatively low price, while specials steps must be taken into consideration prior, during and after fusion welding.

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Product category: Stainless steel profiles

Martensitic stainless steel

have a ferritic structure in annealed condition, and a martensitic structure in quenched and tempered condition. Compared to conventional martensitic steel grades, they have improved corrosion resistance. These steels contain between 12 and 15 % of chromium and between 0.1 and 0.5 % of carbon. By adding molybdenum their corrosion and wear resistance is increased. Steels containing between 0.1 and 0.25 % of carbon are mostly used in constructions which require corrosion resistance and enhanced mechanical properties. Steel grades with 0.3 % of carbon or more are used for cutting tools due to their high hardness and wear resistance.

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About us

Company details

Company SIJ Acroni is a member of steel division of SIJ – SLOVENIAN STEEL GROUP.

SIJ Acroni is a producer of flat rolled steel products. We are among the leading producers of stainless steel quarto plates and wear resistant, high tensile, tool and other special steel quarto plates.
Besides quarto plates we also produce non-oriented electrical steel and hot and cold rolled coils in special grades.

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