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Tatsuro Kudo

Toshihiro Okano

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.13  Crosslinking lines

Our products

Product category: Crosslinking lines

Low, Medium energy EPS (250-1500kV)

Applied to crosslinking of small diameter electric wires, production of polyethylene foams, sterilization of medical supplies, crosslinking of rubber components of tires, production of ion exchange membrane, and improvement of heat resistance of plastics.

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Product category: Crosslinking lines

High energy EPS (2-5MV)

Used in crosslinking of large diameter electric wires, production of heatshrinkable tubes, sterilization of medical supplies, and production of polyethylene foams.

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Product category: Crosslinking lines

Self-shielded EPS (250-800kV)

Self-shielded electron beam processors are easy to install and flexible to production line alteration, and are used for various application of low and medium energy EB application.

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About us

Company details

     NHV Corporation designs and manufactures charged particle accelerators and offers electron beam toll services for a wide variety of industrial uses.  We have experiences in these fields more than 50 years.  The large numbers of our apparatus have been installed worldwide and mainly used for electron beam (EB) crosslinking.  The EB technology is being used today to help manufacturers improve their products such as wire, cable, heat shrinkable tube etc.  We believe that our experiences bring some impacts on your products.

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