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Product category: Welded tubes made of other steels grades

ERW MS Precision Tubes

Steel has become a pivotal part of our personal as well as professional life. Every next thing you will see around you is undoubtedly made up with active contribution of steel. It is so because the efficiency and durability we look for various products in our day to day life can be easily expected with the presence of steel. Steel is easily available in the market and is a product that could be flexible enough to be used and molded in any of the desired shape. These few yet important accomplishments of steel are the reason, why steel has gained an immense popularity in the market.
Steel is available in the market in different types and products. Here in this write up, we will have a detailed insight of ERW MS Precision Tubes that are also a sub category of different types of steel products that are used. Among the availability of comprehensive range of steel tubes, these ERW MS Precision Tubes are at a greater demand in the market. It is so because they are manufactured with the use of excellent raw materials. Their composition itself adds quality to them and adds salient features such as reliability, durability, accuracy with dimensions to them.

What are ERW MS Precision Tubes?
It referred to the Electric Resistance Welded Pipes. Formed with the help of a specific type of welding process, it is made with great care. It involves the spot as well as seam welding. These two welding processes altogether quickens up the formation of ERW MS Precision Tubes. With the help of these welding processes, one can manufacture round, rectangular and square shapes of these tubes.

The ERW MS precision tubes manufacturer in the market focuses more on the quality and the customized shapes as per the requirements. Once manufactured, they are use for various types of engineering purposes, fencing, scaffolding etc. In later sections, we will study in detail about its wide uses in the different industries and how its application helps in making the different processes of construction more comfortable and easy to access.

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Product category: Welded tubes made of other steels grades

Cut to Length tubes

Amid changes in various process of optimizing the use of steel industry are known to all who are keeping a close eye on the latest trends of the steel industry.
There are many available products of steel in market that are proving the efficiency and performance of the steel products in various industries. Even in our day to day life activities, we are somehow dependent upon the productivity of these steel products.
Among various steel products available, cut to length tubes is one of the high raising demands in the market. This is so because of high vigilance of price- volume equation of these products in the industry.
With a greater agility of cut to length tubes in the market, their optimization has become one of the latest advances. This has helped in shifting the interest of many industries to utilize the optimum use of these tubes.
These tubes are a preferred name in the market as they holds the opportunity to serve the society in a comfortable manner. Their ease to be used makes them a vulnerable choice in the market.
Before going in more detail, it is necessary to have a basic outlook of it and how it can be used as a benefit to others. They have a unique feature of getting used diversely in many of the industries. We will later on study in detail about the various industries, where these steel tubes are used.

What is cut to length tubes?

These cut to length tubes could be defined as an end- product obtained to be used as a specific rubber and plastic inserts, exhaust, bolt collars, spacers or bolt sleeves.
It offers anti- vibration mounts to the appliance where it is inserted. It helps in offering a great protective case to the various bolts.
Hence, the precise use of these tubes could be taken in account if complete protection and alignment of bolts and associated parts is required.
Due to its anti- vibration tendency, it is also used in offering a complete separation of wheels, plates and other important parts.
They are often produced from a raw material of low carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Hence, we can state that it is obtained by the use of steel and its components.
The parts are heat treated, tumbled and are plated carefully, once the production is completed.
There are many of the styles through which these cut to length tubes could be obtained. Most important of them, that are widely used are lathe style and single spindle screw machine style.
Because of their inherit property of reduction in set- up time with production of low quantities at a competitive price, these methods are preferred more over the others.

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Product category: Welded tubes made of other steels grades

Oval / Capsule Tubes


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Grow Ever Steel (India) Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
specializes in manufacturing of ERW MS Precision Steel Tubes, Hollow
Sections (RHS/SHS, Oval), Stamped and Tubular Components.

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