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  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.03  Machinery for the processing of wires and strips
  • 02.03.01  Wire single-block drawing systems

Our products

Product category: Wire single-block drawing systems

Intermediate Drawing Line

High-precision grinding helical gear transmission, forced oil lubrication control, low noise. Full immersion lubrication design.
DC annealing control, annealing automatic tracking speed. Ensure that the elongation of copper wire is stable and uniform.
The take-up tension PID is automatically adjusted to ensure that the tension during the wire drawing process is always stable.
Smaller compression ratio design is more suitable for the production of large-size conductors, such as the production of wire and single conductor.

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Product category: Wire single-block drawing systems

Fine Wire Drawing Line

Fine Wire Drawing Line

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Product category: Wire single-block drawing systems

1250 Double Twist Bunhcer

FRAME : It is processed by carbon steel by welding and heat treatment.
The shafts on both sides of the cradle are supported by bearings, Frame

is fasten under the ground by expansion screws (HONTA Supply

expansion screws.). Then adjust to the level by adjusting bolt.

Rotation shaft: Adopt to design of 2pcs bracket of steel

structure to connect single bow, energy saving and low noise.

Shafts are mounted into high precision bearings, which are

grease lubricated through points joined outside, to allow lubrication even

if machine is running, and are placed on cast iron removable housings.

The motion is transmitted to the shaft by a transversal transmission

shaft via pulleys and toothed belts.

Each shaft is complete with pulley (made of high resistance aluminium

alloy), The grooves of the guide wheel are coated with ceramics

(Sometimes adopt the whole ceramic zirconia pulley.)

Pulleys rotate on high performance, grease lubricated bearings ,

are fitted on outer flanges, as protection against dynamic wind and

are complete with pin made of titanium.

AC MAIN MOTOR: connected through universal joint to the above

transversal transmission shaft; then transmit to bow belt. Through

 AC45kw motor transmit to haul-off capstans. Adjust the rotate 

speed of main motor and the speed difference of haul-off capstans 

to reach the pitch size of stranding wire, complete realize the 

control and adjust of electronic pitch.

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About us

Company details

HONTA Established in Sep. 2006, HONTA has long been committed to the technical research of cable conductor wire drawing and stranding. It has long-term friendly cooperation with many well-known cable companies at home and abroad, and established the second production base named HONTA INC. in the United States in 2017.

HONTA main products are RBD for Cu and Al, Electrolytic plating line, Multiwire drawing line, high-speed stranding equipment. Now HONTA has become a large-scale service provider of cable equipment system. Our products are renowned for their high speed, efficiency, automation and humanity.

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