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  • 02  Processing machinery for metallic tubes and pipes
  • 02.12  Repair and rehabilitation measures
  • 02.12.04  Inside and outside cleaning

Our products

Product category: Inside and outside cleaning

Tailored solutions for the cleaning of filters

The Thermo-Clean Group offers tailored solutions for the cleaning of all types of filters. Depending on the specific type of filter we select the right cleaning technique.

Which filters do we clean?
Here are some examples:

Melt filters contaminated with polymers are given a thermal cleaning treatment combined with the removal of damaged mesh, the purification of the candles/substrate and the fitting of new sieves.
Mesh-Packs, Wired Mesh, contaminated with polymers (derivatives), after the thermal treatment are often given an ultrasonic after-treatment enabling you to reuse your mesh-packs and wired mesh as new again.
Metal oil filters are subjected to ultrasonic cleaning. After this treatment, you can perfectly reuse the filter at peak performance, at a very modest cost.
Sintered filter candles (RVS, FE, ALLOY)
Other types of filters: welding fume filters, soot filters, dust filters, filter plates, filter holders, filter stacks, cyclone filters, pattern filters, demisters, Maag filters, candle filters, filter discs, screens, metal mesh filters, duplex filters, steam filters, gas filters, electrostatic filters, ATEX filters, cassette filters, hotmelt filters, compressed air filters, micro filters, turbine filters, …
These various cleaning methods are independent of either the brands or the type of filter. A thorough cleaning by Thermo-Clean sees you save on maintenance outlays without compromising on quality. We are also happy to handle the disassembly and – further to cleaning – subsequent reassembly of your complete filter bundles.

If you so wish, we subject your filters to a strict inspection by way of ‘bubble point’ or a highly secure weight measurement. These measurements enable us to establish the exact degree of purity. Needless to say we also provide you with all the relevant reports.

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Product category: Inside and outside cleaning

Cleaning heat exchangers

Instead of the traditional method of high-pressure cleaning which delivers poor results, we clean heat exchangers using a thermal cleaning process. This technique, engineered in-house, delivers remarkable results. After cleaning, we return the heat exchangers to you as good as new. Our cleaning method raises the efficiency of your heat exchanger and extends its service life.

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Product category: Inside and outside cleaning

Removing plastic from technical parts

At the instruction of companies that manufacture or process plastics, we remove plastics from technical parts. These parts get contaminated during the processing of plastics, which means they need to be cleaned at regular intervals. To do so, we use the thermal cleaning technique.

In practical terms, we remove caked plastics from extruder screws, filters, moulds, pipelines, dies, heat exchangers,… Each of these are highly costly production machinery parts and components that require a specific cleaning approach.

Alongside plastics, we also remove associated contaminations such as caked oils or fats. Many of our customers operate in the plastic, chemical or petrochemical industries.

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About us

Company details

Stripping and cleaning since 1989
The history of the Thermo-Clean Group goes back to 1989. Since then, we have worked to become the leading specialist in thermal and chemical paint stripping of metals. In addition, we have racked up a wealth of expertise in the thermal cleaning of heat exchangers, filter cleaning as well as the removal of plastic or rubber from metal parts.

The start of Thermo-Clean
Thermo-Clean started out in 1989 as a subsidiary of Jos Mol Coatings nv, which handled the distribution of powder coatings in Belgium and Luxembourg manufactured by Teodur (Herberts).

Initially, Thermo-Clean had a modest infrastructure in a 600 m² factory building. In addition to a Strunz pyrolysis oven measuring 3.5 x 2.2 x 1.85 metres for the thermal paint stripping of metals, we had a blasting cabinet and a spray painting booth for high-pressure cleaning.

Alongside the paint stripping of metals, we specialised in the removal of plastic from parts.

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