Lamineries MATTHEY, branch of Notz Metall AG

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Studer-Biennaform branch of Notz Metal Inc.

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.03  Materials and agents for cable production
  • 03.03.03  Yarns and foils for cables and ropes
  •  Foils for cables

Our products

Product category: Foils for cables

Cold rolled strip and foil

Working with a large variety of alloys enables Lamineries MATTHEY to provide the material that is most suited for the customer's intended application.

The dimensional capabilities of our precision strips are for information purposes only and may vary depending on the type of strip or material. The main focus of Lamineries MATTHEY's proven expertise in precision cold-rolling is in the thickness range from 0.005 mm to 1.5 mm (0.0002" to 0.06") at widths from 1.0 mm to 230 mm (0.04" to 9.0"). Depending on the type of strip or material, a wider range of products with thicknesses of 2.5 to 3 mm (0.10 to 0.12") is available.

Highly flexible production facilities allow the manufacture of customized products, even in very small quantities.

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Product category: Foils for cables

Rods, wires and tubes

As distributor for alloys made by Materion in Switzerland, we supply bars and wires in M25, CuBe2Pb, C17300, CW102C dedicated to the free machining. The low lead content results in excellent chipping performance. In general, M25, C17300, CW102C is delivered hard drawn with a mechanical strength between 620 and 900 N/mm² (89.9 to 130.5 ksi) and is hardened by means of heat treatment to achieve a mechanical strength of 900 to 1500 N/mm² (130.5 to 217.5 ksi). Lamineries MATTHEY have the appropriate facilities to perform heat treatment and deliver mill-hardened rods. Although there are fewer processing options for mill-hardened rods, the costly treatment of the processed parts or a possible change of the geometry of the parts during treatment can be avoided and general production time be reduced.

To be able to respond swiftly to the requests of our customers, we keep a large stock of rods and wires. We have rods in more than 80 different diameters between 1.00 and 25.4 mm (0.04" to 1"), in stock, apart from a wide range of various wire diameters. Rods with diverse dimensional tolerances - whether reground or not - are available.

The product range of Lamineries MATTHEY includes among others new alloys e.g. ToughMet® developed by MATERION in the form of bars, tubes and plates in relatively large diameters for friction-sensitive applications. They incorporate a multiplicity of unique features as they are: Mechanical strength, similar to iron, outstanding wear and corrosion existence, as well as excellent frictional properties. In addition, they are explosion-proof and therefore no sparking occurs, which is very important in several critical areas like the petrol industry. These exceptional characteristics are successfully applied for products which are exposed to friction, for example in the aerospace and petrol industry. More information about the ToughMet®: other specialties.

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About us

Company details

Lamineries MATTHEY, an incontestable world-wide market leader for precision cold rolling and micro-foils offering solutions for demanding applications in connector technology, pressure/flow sensors and valves, electronics, watch making, automotive industry, telecommunications, medical devices, aerospace and for your application.

Specialities: maraging steel, ferronickel for magnetic applications, high temperature corrosion resistant alloys, titanium, copper-beryllium and others.

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Company data

Area of business
  • Cable industry
  • Automotive supply industry
  • Iron, steel and non-ferrous metal industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Measuring and control technology