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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.05  Machinery for the surface treatment of wires and strips
  • 02.05.04  Coating lines for wires
  •  Enamelling lines for wires

Our products

Product category: Enamelling lines for wires

Horizontal Machines (round wire)

Simple user guidance:

Integration of recipe management in the fully automatic operating processes
Guarantee of perfectly controlled operation as a result
Uniform user interface for all types of machines in currently 38 languages
High-performing drawing machine with high load bearing capacity:

High-pressure spraying with spot-on precision
Long service life of the wire-drawing dies – High wire surface quality
Optional double-nozzle
cleaning device for flitter elimination after last drawing die

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Product category: Enamelling lines for wires


In the meantime, MOZART ZERO is proved to be the most efficient High-Tech magnet wire single line machine in the world market based on a certain energy-saving concept and on fully automatic process control. MOZART ZERO provides the highest output and lowest energy demand per line. MOZART ZERO is suitable for copper as well as for aluminum production and the full range of enamel types conventionally used in magnet wire industry.

The Background
During the last years, the costs of electric energy have grown worldwide dramatically – and there is no end in sight. Therefore, the energy consumption of the magnet wire machines becomes more and more important with respect to the production costs to be borne by the magnet wire producers. One of the hugest energy costs are the costs for electric air heating. Usually, during production, electric heating is only requested, whenever the total heat loss exceeds the amount of thermal energy released through the solvent conversion. With the MOZART ZERO technology, the initial ovens’ heat losses could be reduced significantly leading to a stable curing temperature level governed by the thermal energy from the solvent combustion in the oven’s catalyst. With MOZART ZERO the specific energy demand given in kWh per kg enamelled wire can finally be dropped down more than half.

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About us

Company details

Over 70 years of strong commitment

MAG’s leading position in the magnet wire market is characterized by over 60 years of strong commitment.

The production of the first winding wire machines in 1948 was directly followed by decisive developments towards efficient mass production. The construction of a new production site and revolutionary innovations like the machine series MOZART and STRAUSS, developments like energy-saving heating- & cooling systems, the easy-to-handle spool switch and a simple enamel applicator stand at the beginning of a new millennium.

The MAG covers the entire range of horizontal and vertical machines. The right machine for every diameter and for every product requirement. Horizontal machines for the production
of ultrafine wire for micro-electronics to medium wire for motors or compressors. Vertical machines for the production of heavy sizes for chokes to big rectangular wire for transformers.

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