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  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
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Our products

Product category: Extrusion machines

Extruder with long helical grooves

The series Helibar uses the technology of the same patented name which consists of a grooved extruder with two main differences. It uses a monobloc barrel and the grooves are present on nearly its whole length. These grooves are arranged helical. This technology appeared in the beginning of 2000 and combines the advantages of the smooth and the grooved extruder, namely an important specific flow volume and a large universality considering the different polymers. The Helibar extruder is longer than the extruder of the other series and they are coupled systematically to screws so called barrier screws. This series exists in different Versions: C version for the coextruder- mobile machines, U for the principal extruders, so called universals extruders, and P for the principal extruders for polyolefine.

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Product category: Extrusion machines

Extruder with grooved feeding zone

The series Arc uses a barrel in two parts: A grooved barrel sleeve with a length of 3-6D and a smooth barrel with approximately 25D. These extruders appeared in the beginning of the year 1980. They should achieve a higher flow volume with the same diameter of the screw. In general they are longer than the extruder with a smooth barrel and they are linked to screws so called barrier screws. Due to the fact that they are less universal than the extruders and coextruders of the series Elipse, the machines of the series Elipse are mostly used for Polyolefine (PE and PP) as well as for soft material (soft PVC, TPE). The grooves can be straight (in the axis of the machine) or generally helical.

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Product category: Extrusion machines

Universal Extruder with smooth barrel

The series Elipse uses a smooth or slightly grooved barrel. Originally it is the first extruder which appeared in 1950. They have the advantage of being universal (for each kind of polymere that is known) and being of an interesting cost for a given screw diameter, however the maximal flow volume is limited. Komax offers these machines optional with slightly grooved barrels. Slightly grooved means that the size of the grooves is smaller than the size of the granulate material. Consequently it is not about an increase of the mass but of the stability. In some cases this technology is essential for a correct extrusion. This series is available in two versions, as a C version for the coextruder (mobile machine) and as an E version for the extruder which are mainly fixed.

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About us

Company details

Komax is specialized in the development and production of single screw extruders and coextruders as well as in the configuration of extrusion lines ready-for-use.
Always listening to our customers, we are willing to have the newest technology for our extruders and coextruders. Due to the human environment of our society, we are able to listen and respond to special wishes of our customers. According to that we can develop specific machines und processes as requested.

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