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H. Folke Sandelin AB

Dynamovagen 7, P.O. Box 4086, 59104 Motala
Telephone +46 141 203-630
Fax +46 141 203-639

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This company is co-exhibitor of
Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & Co. KG

Hall map

wire 2022 hall map (Hall 10): stand C06

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wire 2022 fairground map: Hall 10

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Machinery for the manufacture of rods, wires and strips
  • 01.03  Extrusion
  • 01.03.01  Extrusion lines (for metals)
  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.12  Sheathing lines

Sheathing lines

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.14  Cutting and crimping machines
  •  Insulation strippers for cables

Insulation strippers for cables

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.16  Lead extruders

Lead extruders

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.20  Cable stripping machines

Cable stripping machines

Our products

Product category: Extrusion lines (for metals)


The Cable Repair and Recovery System has been specifically designed to assist cable manufacturers when a problem occurs during the normal cable manufacturing process.
Unfortunately accidents do happen and this equipment is your solution to repair the damage.
This latest design of machine has the possibility of:

- Remove an outer jacket of PE, PVC, HDPE, etc without any damage to the cable layer below it, thus enabling the outer jacket to be re-applied and the cable repaired.

- Remove the metallic sheath of the cable without damaging the moisture expansion tapes or any other kind of cable layer below it, thus allow the re-application of the metallic sheath.

- Remove the triple XLPE insulation from the conductor core without damage to the expensive cable core and thus allow the conductor to be re-used.
Even if the cable is just going to be scrapped, the metal price differences for insulated or un-insulated cables are very large and the equipment would have a very short pay-back period, if the metals are scrapped in there “bright” form.
In summary it’s a very accurate and simple to use cable repair and recovery system where a faulty cable layer can be removed and re-applied or a fast and easy way of breaking a cable down into its metal and plastic elements for a cost effective means to maximising scrap values.

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Product category: Extrusion lines (for metals)


Since its commercial launch in 1949, the Continuous Lead Extruder has experienced many changes, both in design and use. Therefore we are very proud to be able to deliver a well developed product adapted to our customers' needs.
We deliver not only new machines but can also supply complete second-hand refurbished lead extrusion lines as well as spare parts.

With over 50 years of experience and product development, HFSAB is the only company with the ability to successfully commission, service and support Continuous Lead Extrusion lines.

Horizontal Lead Extruder
The continuous Lead Extruder is used to apply lead sheaths to paper and polymeric power cables, communication cables, fibre optic cables and hydro-space cables.

The lead sheathing ensures high reliability and lengthens the service life of any cable subjected to high electrical stress. It also provides an excellent barrier to chemicals, oils, water and sulphides that is essential for highest cable performance.

HFSAB is constantly making technological improvements to its machines. Today the operational capability of the Continuous Lead Extruder has been extended to include almost all of the modern cable lead alloys.

The technology of using lead to sheath cables has existed for more than a hundred years, thanks to the benefits this kind of sheathing and barrier gives. Lead, or lead alloy, has proved to have unique characteristics making it highly desirable as a component in modern cable construction.

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Product category: Extrusion lines (for metals)


Excellent properties despite a Bad Reputation
The material lead too often receives unfair criticism. It is said to be both dangerous and harmful to the environment. Nevertheless, the truth is that this is in many aspects wrong. Lead`s properties are excellent, both for us and, actually, for the environment.

Lead is the best moisture barrier! A lead sheated cable can lie in water for at least 50-70 years without problem, without any penetration of moisture at all. Cables are sheated also with other materials, including specially produced plastics and polymers, but these do not come anywhere near the properties of lead.

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About us

Company portrait

For more than 50 years, HFSAB has specialized in the development and manufacture of various types of product solutions for the cable industry.
HFSAB´s tale of success started already in the 1930s with a need for rubber cable for vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, we are a world leader in the production of machines for extruded lead-covered cables.

On this website you can see for yourselves how our products perform and function, find sources for support and assistance, as well as information about our customers, partners and business activities.